Distinguished Lectures Series – Ethics and/of Contingency

Biopolitical Ethics and the Comic Self

Monday, 2017/10/23, 18:30

Prof. Timothy Campbell, Cornell University

Public lecture offering insights into cutting-edge thought within the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Event organizer: Walter Benjamin Kolleg
Speaker: Prof. Timothy Campbell, Cornell University
Date: 2017/10/23
Time: 18:30 - 20:00
Locality: Room HS 220
Main Building
Hochschulstrasse 4
3012 Berne
Characteristics: open to the public
free of charge

Timothy Campell

Timothy Campbell is Professor of Italian Studies in the Department of Romance Studies at Cornell University and the editor of the series Commonalities for Fordham University Press. His research ranges from biopolitics and contemporary Italian thought to Fascist culture and modern Italian visual culture. In addition to the translations of Roberto Esposito’s Communitas (2010) and Bios (2008), he is the author of Wireless Writing in the Age of Marconi (2006) and Improper Life: Biopolitics and Technology from Heidegger to Agamben (2011). His most recent book The Techne of Giving: Cinema and the Generous Form of Life, published in 2016 by Oxford University Press, addresses the possibility of conceptualizing a radical form of generosity that is able to escape both the grip of contemporary biopower as well as the comforting rhetoric of neoliberal charity.


Prof. Timothy Campbell, Cornell University
Prof. Thomas Claviez, University of Bern, Moderator

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Timothy Campbell, "Biopolitical Ethics and the Comic Self" (23.10.2017)