Associated Senior Fellows

At any time, advanced researchers can apply for the status "Associated Senior Fellow at the WBKolleg". With granting such status neither an employment nor any other compensation is related. The granting shall be assigned for a term of three years with the option of a further extension period of three years. The status may be revoked if the requirements are subsequently no longer met or in case of breach of duty.


  • You are a member of the University of Bern, another university oder research institution.
  • You are scientifically working in at least one of the disciplines of the WBKolleg.
  • You are related with one of the institutions of the WBKolleg by an active scientific collaboration.

Associated Senior Fellows

  • are listed on the site of the WBKolleg.
  • can call themselves "Associated Senior Fellows at the WBKolleg" towards third parties.
  • will receive an email address of the University of Bern (upon request).
  • can use the library of the WBKolleg.
  • can use further resources like e.g. IT support (if desired and on application).


  • Compliance with the regulations of the University of Bern (especially the guidelines adjunct researchers below) and of the WBKolleg.

Your application includes

  • CV
  • Letter of Motivation

Please send your application to the office manager Ariane Lorke ( to the attention of the Steering Committee of the WBKolleg.