Research Forum

The Research Forum facilitates scientific collaboration among faculty members as well as with other institutions across disciplines. It is to be understood as a "marketplace of ideas'" with a laboratory atmosphere, a low level of institutionalization, and great voluntary commitment. The main goals of the Forum are to develop fields of innovation and enable research bottom up in the form of research platforms. 

The activities of each platform are based o the shared questions connecting the researchers from different fields: We had workshops, lectures, teaching on MA level, excursions, panel discussions, publication of an anthology, applications to the SNSF for SINERGIA or project funding, building networks, and a film program to discuss socio-political issues. But of course, possible activities are not limited to that. Each platform can be supported with up to CHF 3,000 per annum. 

How to become a platform? Usually, at the end of the year, a call is sent out in the Faculty of Humanities and is also published here. The steering committee of the Kolleg decides on all applications.

In case of any questions please contact the office manager Dr. Ariane Lorke

Second Call for 2021

After the first call for 2021, funding is still available for this year.
Researchers of the Faculty of Humanities are asked for further proposals until April 4, 2021. This second call can be found here.

Currently, there are nine research platforms

Former platforms