At the Walter Benjamin Kolleg (WBKolleg), doctoral and post-doctoral students as well as professors examine inter- and transdisciplinary research questions central to the humanities, cultural and social sciences. The projects can involve individual or joint research: 

  • Individual research usually takes place in the form of doctoral or habilitation theses at the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Research Network with its Graduate School of the Arts and Humanities.
  • Two research centers focus on globalization (CGS) and the connex between language and society (CSLS). 
  • In Digital Humanities, questions and problems of the humanities are modeled and investigated with digital means across the entire range of the  Faculty of Humanities. In addition, cooperative projects -especially with libraries, museums and archives- develop solutions for the preparation, processing, and dissemination of information.
  • As open platforms for collaborative work, the research networks in the Research Forum are destined to encourage innovative thinking and questions.
  • Moreover, the WBKolleg promotes interdisciplinary cooperation in research between different faculties and universities and helps to increase visibility.