KulturTransfer [Cultural Transfer] refers to objects in the broadest sense as well as to the conditions shaping their transfer, selection, application, translation, adaptation, and mutation in different contexts (social, political, cultural, discursive, geographical).

The book project KulturTransfer (Hanser Verlag) sets up a collection of 50 travelling objects from various fields both from the past and present (words, symbols, practices, gestures, foodstuff and plants, music, motives, stylistic means, drugs, human beings, figures, behavioral patterns, techniques, technologies, etc.) in order to trace the exact conditions of transfer from one context (regional, social, cultural, political) into another. Each contribution is conceptualized as an “encyclopedic entry” which offers its content straightforwardly to the reader. On the basis of these concrete examples, an empirically led discussion will be initiated about the terms “culture” and “transfer” (or, analogously, terms such as “translation”, “appropriation”, “exchange”, “adaptation”, “transit”).

As an accompaniment, an exhibition on the book’s topics is being planned.

PD Dr. Raoul Schrott
Prof. Dr. Oliver Lubrich
Dr. des Michael Toggweiler (Coordination)

Universität Bern (WBKolleg / Germanistik)
External experts