Research Forum

With the Research Forum, the WBKolleg provides open platforms for the scientific exchange between researchers at the faculty working on related topics. It is to be understood as a “Market Place of Ideas” with a laboratory atmosphere, a low level of institutionalization, and great voluntary commitment. Its aim is the development of innovative fields and the facilitation of “bottom-up” research.

Currently, there are three research platforms:

Prof. Göttler – Prof. Rippl – Prof. Schneemann – Prof. Stolz:
"Original – Copy: Techniques and Aesthetics of Reproduction"

PD Dr. Schulz:
"Migration: Pooling expertise – providing impetus – setting basics"

Prof. Bloch – Prof. Heyden – Prof. Huber-Rebenich:
"The Latin Flavius Josephus in his Christian an Jewish Perception"